Kick Ass Cars & Bikes - Motion Picture & Special Event Rentals

Welcome to Kick Ass Cars & Bikes

We have a very large selection of picture cars, exotic cars, race cars, classic cars, street bikes, go karts, vintage bicycles, motorcycles and dirt bikes. What started out as a hobby has turned into a professional service.

We have crew members who are experienced in providing the very best customer service. Drivers, Mechanics and Pit Crew. We know that this is a competitive industry and pride ourselves on the services we provide. We have transporters and can transport the vehicle to where you need it.

One of our shops is located at the Willow Springs International Raceway. We offer services to our clients to provide exclusive use of the track. All body work and fabrication of our vehicles is done on sight at the track.

If you are looking for a specific car or bike for a movie, television show, commercial or print, we have the experience and the contacts you need to fulfill your vision.

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